I am going to miss my old office building, as today is my last day working in the old office. The tenancy agreement expired end of this month and the landlord refused to renew the agreement. So the company is forced to relocate.

The old building is situated near a very small “jungle”, where I can hear birds chirping early in the morning, monkeys searching for food from the rubbish bin in the evening, squirrels running and climbing on the trees greeting us good morning and good bye, half a dozen of centipedes surprising us inside the office after heavy rain, and a snake sleeping underneath my ex-boss table for unknown time frame. He wouldn’t had found the snake if he wasn’t trying to move the wires underneath the table.

That was what I had experienced throughout my 10 years working in the old office. This coming Monday, I am going to miss all these except for the centipedes and snake of course. I am going to miss the ample free parking lots and more than enough private washroom with automatic faucet sensor for the ladies. I hope they are bringing the faucets, I think they are Kohler faucets, to the new office even though we are now sharing limited washrooms with other people in the same building.

More updates later about the new office next week.